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|Bra-buster In Black Spiked Boots||The inexhaustible Sharon Pink is turned loose after getting SCORE's call to booty. Her eager fuck date feasts on Sharon's sweet and sexy nipples. It's big-boob ecstasy to get this horny bra-buster prepared for hot beef penetration. She sucks hard and the pressure sends shock waves all the way to her pussy.

Raunchy, sleazy sex partners get Sharon even hotter. Hypersexed dudes who want to fuck the shit out of her until she's as limp as a doll turn her on. Men who make her feel like a dirty girl pump up the heat inside her. Her fuck-me face reveals all. She pulls his jeans down to get the wood she wants. Sharon tugs on his nuts and dive-bombs to slurp on his shaft.

Sharon squeezes her melons together so Kamil can plow his cock through her cleavage. Her serpentine tongue flicks up and down between her hand job and her tit-fucking. All the while, she makes nasty-girl sounds and noises, staring at him wide-eyed, worshipping his bad-ass cock like she is his slave.

Keeping on her spiky slut boots, Sharon squats over him and lowers her cunt until every inch of Kamil's dick fills her slit. She's not called Sharon Pink for nothing. She pulls every sex-trick she knows in this position, her thighs scissoring, her ass grinding. It's a lap dance with fucking as she bounces on the pole and works his dick.

Our fornicating fuckers are far from done. This reverse-cowgirl is just the beginning. There's going to be enough scorching screwing positions to fill a hooker's playbook by the time Kamil has his way with this human love doll. This is porn screwing at its nastiest. She will be begging for a face splattered in cum and what Sharon wants, Sharon gets. She is the sex goddess of our time. Witness her volcanic vagina induce an eruption of man-magma.


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|Saddle Up For Kristy Klenot||Short-n-stacked Kristy Klenot of the Czech Republic enjoys riding tall in the saddle. We last saw buxom Kristy on SCOREVideos jacking off Mr. Johnson in his Hooter Hotel room. She's a nice, sweet girl with a fiery personality. During the making of this video, someone asked Kristy what happened to her horse and she smacked him one. Seems Kristy misinterpreted the word "horse" and thought he said "whores." Here in the fresh air, in her own private forest, Kristy removes her equestrian riding costume, every stitch including the boots, and lets her fingers do the riding as she heads for cum-ville. She doesn't need the horse anyway. Besides, they don't come with air conditioning and FM radio.


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Emilia Boshe


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|Maggie Doubles Her Pleasure||Thomas covers Maggie's eyes with his hand as he leads her into the house. He has a surprise for this new and stacked brunette, one of the great finds of late 2013. That surprise is Guy. On this day, he and Thomas are going to double Maggie's pleasure.

Maggie's wearing a tight, white tank-top and a short skirt. They won't be staying on her body for very long. Maggie's getting her fantasy satisfied this afternoon and that fantasy is two men giving her the hard wood from both sides. Share and share alike is the message.

The studs feel Maggie up, rubbing her tits, kissing her sensitive neck and rubbing her thighs, all to warm her up for their three-way sex party. Off comes her tank, down goes her bra. Each man takes a hard nipple in his mouth to lick and suck.

Taking a cock in each hand, a topless Maggie fills her mouth with one stiffie while she jacks the other. At one point, she almost attempts taking both dicks in her mouth at the same time. Thomas lays back on the couch so Maggie can blow and jack him while Guy eats Maggie out.

Maggie wants to be fucked. She turns around so that her ass faces Guy while she continues to suck off Thomas. That ass is irresistible to Guy. He spreads Maggie's ass-cheeks open and gently slips his slab into her pussy. He begins to build up thrusting speed. To get it in her pussy even deeper, Maggie raises her leg for him to hold, all the while blowing Thomas hands-free.

This is only the beginning of Maggie's intense threesome as the temperature in the living room heats up to sauna levels.


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|Big Tit Skinny Dip: Toying With Valory & Lana ||One day, nations will get along as well as Romanian Lana Ivans and Ukrainian Valory Irene. Valory beckons Lana to get off the raft and come to her. Lana scoots off it, her balls-on-a-string toy still inside her pussy, and bobs over to Valory. The Big Tit Skinny Dip underwater camera is ready to capture their aquatic fling.

Valory slowly removes the toy and the two beauties begin grinding and rubbing their submerged bodies together. They gyrate their hips rhythmically, the camera just inches from their gorgeous slits and asses.

The girls end their aquatic dances and leave the pool. "I have a surprise for you," Lana says, and dips into her bag to reach for something. The surprise she has for Valory is a big, pink toy that rotates and has a mounted clit-stimulator.

Valory gets on a recliner, taking the toy and inserting it into her pussy. She turns it on and begins to slowly fuck herself. Lana looks on fascinated and turned-on as she rubs Valory's leg. Lana's face shows the erotic glee she's feeling as she watches Valory masturbate. Valory gets hotter and hotter, fucking herself faster and faster to an orgasmic blast-off.


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