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BBW 16 Feb 2015

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Fat Girls 15 Feb 2015

|Nyx Clicks With Hard Dix|http://www.pornmegaload.com/modeldir/data/posting/45/416/posting_45416_x_xl.jpg|"I don't really want to get to know you," Harlow Nyx says to Tony Rubino, slowly grabbing him by the shirt and eye-banging him. "I just wanna fuck." Now this is our kind of SCORE Girl. She fucks you and throws you out when she's done with you. No sleepovers and no breakfast the morning after. Just fuck and get out. For those seeking a committed hot girlfriend, a girl like Harlow is not for them. For those seeking a horny bootycall, Harlow is the type for your little black book. Or maybe you're one for her little black book.

Tony pops Harlow's big, creamy-white natural tits out of her tight green top and tight bra and has a lot of fun sucking and kissing them. He pulls off her stretchy pants, opens her legs and digitizes her shaved slit fast and hard.

She pulls his boxers down and when his jack-in-the-pants pops out, Harlow has the cutest expression, a mix of enjoyment and wide-eyed surprise. "Fuck," she says. Harlow says fuck a lot, in a sexy way. It's refreshing to meet a pretty, mid-western babe with big tits, a killer body and a very dirty mind and mouth.

They spend their precious moments together, his stiffie in her mouth and between her big, luscious breasts. And when Harlow jumps on his fuck stick in a cowgirl move, the couch is subjected to tremendous G-forces because this babe likes to ride her partners hard, really hard. She spins around for more of the same and we see her out-of-control boobs swing wildly in a great shot.

They switch over to sideways (Harlow's tits get spanked hard and loud in that position), then she's rammed from behind and finally fucked on her back. In all positions, Harlow is pumped loudly until her pussy is filled with man-juice in a wet and messy climax, the cum oozing out of her well-fucked cunt. If Harlow and Tony both needed a nap after this slam-dance, we wouldn't blame 'em!


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|Cute, Curvy, Naughty|http://www.pornmegaload.com/modeldir/data/posting/44/831/posting_44831_x_xl.jpg|Welcome to CJ Woods' second XXX scene at XL Girls. We caught up with the curvy newcomer for a Q&A about this hook-up and other hot topics.

XLGirls: Had you seen any of Juan's scenes before you met him? When you saw his cock for the first time during your scene with him, what was your reaction?.

CJ Woods: I'd never seen his scenes before. I was very comfortable. We had a lot of fun. However, it had been a while since I'd seen a bush.

XLGirls: How important to you is cock size?

CJ Woods: Size is super important, but you also need to know what you're doing.

XLGirls: What was your favorite position in this scene and why?

CJ Woods: Missionary with my feet on his chest. While he is very endowed, it let me control how deep he went inside me. Also it's one of my all-time fav positions.

XLGirls: What do you like better in boy-girl, making the video or shooting the still set?

CJ Woods: I enjoy both very much! My preference would be the still shots.

XLGirls: In your first scene with Tony D, he gave you a facial. In this scene, Juan cums on your boobs. Do you like that in your everyday life? Where do you most-prefer a man to cum?

CJ Woods: I do enjoy facials and cumming on my tits, but my favorite place besides inside me would be on my back and ass.

XLGirls: What are some of the differences for you between having sex back home and having sex with porn studs here at XL Girls?

CJ Woods: At home, I don't have much time for a personal life, so sex is GREAT there!

XLGirls: Do you get together with your closest girlfriends and describe your sexual encounters and the guys you've been with?

CJ Woods: I've never been a kiss and tell kinda girl!

XLGirls: Are there any fellow XL Girls you'd like to meet and hang out with? Why so?

CJ Woods: Sure, Kimmie Kaboom and Dulcinea, just to name a few. They seem like they'd be fun to hang out with and girls I could learn from.

XLGirls: Any XL Girl you'd like to do a scene with? What kind of scene? Girl-girl, threesome with a guy, etc.

CJ Woods: I'd definitely do a three-way with them.

Thank you CJ!


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Fat Girls 15 Feb 2015

|Ultimate Encore Part 1|http://www.chloesworld.com/modeldir/data/posting/28/148/posting_28148_x_xl.jpg|This was the second of two hardcore movies that Chloe made primarily in London. In this segment, shot in Miami, Chloe takes a bath with the emphasis naturally on huge-tit play.


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Fat Girls 14 Feb 2015

|Interview With An Asian|http://www.pornmegaload.com/modeldir/data/posting/44/321/posting_44321_x_xl.jpg|Here are a couple of things you should know about Layla: She's never had a guy get her off. That's not too surprising. She's only had three partners. She's brand-new to modeling. In fact, this is her very first shoot. She's conflicted about it, too. As she fingered her smooth pussy on-camera, she told us how nervous she is because of her strict Asian parents' high moral standards and judgment. We know all of these things because we interviewed her while she was in our studio.

Layla is self-conscious about her deliciously dark pussy lips, too. We've written about this phenomenon in Naughty Neighbors, so we know that dark lips just show that her pussy is getting extra blood flow because she's horny! Do you want another sure-fire sign that she's a raunchy girl? Check out that sweet pussy cream starting to form in her cooch. That natural lube really started flowing once her fingers got to work.





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