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Fat Girls 23 Mar 2015

|The Hot Secretary||How is Rockell, born and raised in Alabama, a true, down-home southern gal?

"I spent many nights riding down dirt roads in the middle of nowhere," explains Rockell, her always bright-eyed, happy expression making everyone feel good. "We used to drink. That's what you do in little southern towns, because there isn't much else to do. You have bonfires and everyone gets together. Everyone knows everyone's business. In the South, there's a thing about southern generosity, and it's true. I've gone to other places where they weren't so hospitable, so I definitely love the South. Even here in south Florida!"

Rockell's friends were as excited as she was when her first cover issue (February '13 Voluptuous) hit stores. She sent her friends into the store to see it.

"I actually sent my friends in that day to see if they could find me. And they found me and came out screaming, 'We found your cover! That is so cool!' I was trying to be very calm and humble, and they were like, 'We need to go out and celebrate. You're on the cover of a magazine.' I was excited but I'm just a very laid back, chill and humble person."

Rockell is a charmer, no doubt about it. A southern charmer. She could charm the little birdies out of the trees. Now imagine Rockell as a secretary. Your efficient, stacked secretary. You'd never get a lick of work done. You'd be lost in a trance for seven hours plus an hour for lunch as she went about her responsibilities. What are those office responsibilities? Roll the video and see! And after you see it, roll your tongue back into your mouth!


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|Busty Lady Barber Bangs Customer||Ever had a fantasy about fucking that hot female hairstylist you've gone to? We all have. A pretty one with big boobs that she sticks in your face when she leans over you while she cuts your hair. Kianna Dior fits that powerful male sex daydream like she was tailor made for it. Catching her at closing time when everyone has gone home is the right moment. She'll forget about your big head and go for the little head if you play your cards right.

Famous for her zesty, sloppy, drooling blow jobs and jerk jobs, renowned for her tit-screwing skills, talked about for her nasty fuck moves, Kianna is one of the world's hottest porn stars. The Asian beauty (a mix of Chinese, Irish and Scottish) originally from Canada has been rocking the porn world for over ten years.

What's your all-time favorite curse word?
Kianna: Umm...Fuck!

Better lay: Men or Women?
Kianna: Guys. It's hotter with guys.

Does size matter?
Kianna: Yes! Hey, I was just being honest!

How many sex toys would you say that you own?
Kianna: At least 20.

Head: Give or receive?
Kianna: I like to give.

Cum: Swallow or Spit?
Kianna: Both. It depends.

What's better to give: blow jobs, tit jobs or foot jobs?
Kianna: Tit jobs are fun.

What's your favorite position?
Kianna: I like doggie-style. I like being on top. I don't mind reverse-cowgirl if I'm not doing it for too long. Reverse-cowgirl is hard on the legs. It's really a workout. Although I know that guys who like big boobs love that position because they can see my tits and see the guy's cock going in and out of my pussy at the same time.

Growing up, were you a cocktease?
Kianna: All the girls in school hated me because I was a bit of an exhibitionist. I started out being so sweet and innocent, and I don't know what happened. I just wanted to show myself off all the time. Like in my senior year of high school, when I was 18, it got to the point where the teachers were calling my mom. They'd call her and say, 'Did you see what your daughter's wearing today?'"


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|Beti Duz It Better||Beti Phellasio is a cheery, chatty, upbeat English girl, born and raised in London. Covergirl of September '13 XLGirls magazine, Beti's got the kind of lust-inspiring body that artists immortalize with paint or marble. She has a lust and curiosity about life and sex and what it has to offer her. You could spend hours alone playing with her 38G-cup tits and hard nipples before you got to her pussy. Sucking them. Licking them. Spanking them. Fucking them.

"I love giving deep, sloppy blow jobs," Beti says. "Because I really love the look of satisfaction on a man's face when I've got him all the way down to his balls and there's spit everywhere so it drips down to my tits, and stomach. I just like a sloppy blow." Even Beti's verbal description of cock sucking and the look of elation and excitement on her face before her sex-date arrives is enough to work a guy up. What a great find for XLGirls!

Beti takes a few minutes to talk about her spectacular body, what some of her tats mean, and her sexual pleasures before Mr. Cock shows up to spread her and fuck her. She reveals some secrets too. Beti talks about how she enjoys no-strings sex with strangers and has no interest in even knowing their names. She looks out the window at the guys walking in the streets below and says that she thinks she's going to become a cougar when she gets older. She's that horny, constantly.

Beti's stunt-cock shows up on time and they spend no time on getting socially acquainted. Hard, fast, furious tit-play and tit-fucking, Beti's style of sloppy-wet blow jobs, pussy-eating and jackhammer pussy-drilling are what they want to spend their time doing. Talk can always come later after Beti gets her mouthful of cum that drips out of her mouth onto her tits. She licks these mammary marvels clean, savoring the taste mixed with her saliva. Sex with Beti is wet and messy, the way sex should be.

Will we see Beti Phellasio again in the near-future? We hope so! She is incredible!


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|Big Boob Paradise: Angela White Part 1||Take five of the world's best naturals, fly them to a tropical island for a week and follow them around with cameras. What do you get?

A Big Boob Paradise.

The DVD On Location Big Paradise follows the dream team of Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Angela White, Gianna Rossi and Terry Nova, the first and only time these five busty SCORE superstars got together, sharing a beach house on the island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Each chapter spotlights one girl but, of course, there's loads of interaction with the other girls also.

The history of SCORE's big boob group shoots that also include the Boob Cruises is always worthy of reviewing. The creator of busty girl group shoots in exotic locations since 1992, SCORE was looking for naturals who would be equally attractive to both SCORE Men and V-Men for Big Boob Paradise. Various locations in the Bahama island chain have been a favorite travel destination since that time. The tropical weather is consistent, the scenery is sensational, the girls can be freely naked and it's a short trip from Florida.

Why not shoot in a similar area in the States? United States government's 2257 regulations, beginning in 2005, forbid U.S.-based companies to shoot any models on U.S. soil who do not have U.S. documents. To be compliant with this law, studios can't photograph non-American models in the USA. Lorna's a Brit, Terry's a Czech and Angela's an Australian. However, it is legal to photograph models at an offshore location and the Caribbean offers everything SCORE needs, which is why everyone from Annina to Bella French has been photographed there.

The cameras follow Angela in today's posting, split into two sections for easier downloading. From the flight from Miami to the island to Angela's romping with her new friends and posing for shoots, On Location Big Boob Paradise is packed with fun and games of the busty kind. A separate video chat with Angela is also posted.


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|Joggin' Jugs||Sometimes you can find really great things on the side of the road. Whether it be furniture that someone has dumped or a great classic car that some poor schlep is selling (probably because his wife is making him or killing him in a divorce), there are deals and steals along the highways and roads you travel. Check out this great find: Amber Lynn Bach running along in a tight and tiny top, jugs a'jiggling and bouncing. This is a deal, buddy. All you have to do is pull over, suddenly take up jogging, bump into her and get her to come up to your place nearby and suck your dick. That seems pretty simple, right? Now we are not saying that this kind of thing happens every day, but sometimes, a little effort goes a long way and you can actually end up with a hot, stacked fox like Amber on your dick. Go ahead, try it out. You can thank us later.





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