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BBW 28 Mar 2015

|Sarah Rae Talks To V-Mag Editor Maria||Sarah Rae and V-mag editor Maria share a moment as we learn about Sarah, a newcomer who has motivated a number of XLGirls members to show her some love in both the site's comments section and on the free SCORELAND Blog ( "My gosh, this is a gorgeous woman!" commented Dex. "Her breasts and ass are amazing. She's got a winning sexy smile, wonderful hair and such a down-to-earth attitude. I might be in love--again." Sarah is 5'3" with 38J boobs. Incredible, no? Sarah typifies the kind of girl that XLGirls looks for: the complete opposite of the clichéd California professional model. In other words, Sarah is the down-to-earth, friendly, girl-next-door. During their chat, Sarah reveals that she needs to wear "cleavage shirts" or she feels that her tits are trapped and confined in a prison of fabric. They talk about the right way and the wrong way to compliment a girl's top-shelf treasures, the special challenges of having huge gazongas, and the difficulties in buying the proper fitting bras. Yes, Sarah does wear bikinis at the beach, she reveals. They talk about sex and at one point, Maria astutely remarks to Sarah, "You're all kinds of curves!" Sarah has brought happiness and joy to XLGirls. We look forward to her return.


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Big Boobs 28 Mar 2015

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Fat Girls 27 Mar 2015

|Big Boob Paradise: Gianna Rossi Part 1||The DVD On Location Big Boob Paradise follows the day-to-day play of Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Angela White, Gianna Rossi and Terry Nova, the first and only time these SCORE superstars modeled together, sharing a beach house on the island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Each chapter spotlights one girl. Today is Gianna's day.

In Part 1 of Gianna's chapter, we follow the tall brunette preparing for a day of shoots, from waking her up to getting her hair and makeup done. She heads to the beach, plays topless tennis and tries her hand at croquet. "I like being photographed," Gianna said. "It just feels normal to be in front of the camera. It just feels natural to me, but it's not that I'm saying to myself, 'Oh, I'm going to be on camera.' It's just cool."

"Cool" is Gianna's middle name. She flew from laid-back Seattle to Los Angeles to Miami and met some of the SCORE team for the last leg to Eleuthera Island. An American porn star, known for her take-no-prisoners style of hardcore, meeting an Australian, a Welsh-woman, an American newcomer and a Czech girl who spoke only her native language was a pretty unusual mix of personalities but ultimately a successful one.


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BBW 27 Mar 2015

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Big Boobs 27 Mar 2015

|Latina heat is hard to beat||No woman shakes her ass quite like a thick Latina. Carmen Ross reminds us of that as soon as this scene begins. The camera focuses on her ass and Carmen, who loves dancing to Spanish music, pops her booty like her favorite Merengue song just blared onto the speakers at a poppin' nightclub.

"Do you want that ass?" she asks her stud, Lucas Stone.

"You know I do," he replies as he smacks her jiggling 44-inch apple bottom.

"I know you want this booty," she responds.

Of course, Carmen already knows he wants it, but she still likes to hear it. Who wouldn't want all of that booty? Carmen is thin in the waist, phat in the ass and we all want a taste.

Carmen isn't only about ass worship, though. She works Lucas' magic stick like a pro as she moves her lovely Latina lips up and down it. She's got great "DSL," and we aren't referring to her Internet connection. We're talking about "dick-sucking lips," and that is something any man can appreciate.

When our stud finally gets down to business with Carmen, he does more than fuck her. A woman like her requires a different touch. He beasts on her pussy from multiple positions because you have to explore every angle of that spicy, Latina twat.

They start off doggy style before he turns her around and smashes reverse cowgirl. She uses the wall as support as her booty and her pussy slide up and down his stiff rod. That's what we call caliente.

When Carmen is finally done, she takes a sticky facial.

"I love your big, black cock," she says.

Take care of a Latina and she will take care of you.


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Fat Girls 27 Mar 2015

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BBW 27 Mar 2015

|The Countess of Cleavage||One of the top Romanian big-bust models, a beauty who has enjoyed ten-plus years of popularity, Joana's an inspiration to many of her busty countrywomen who want to achieve the same levels of fame.

Although she's content with her solos and girl-girl scenes in her modeling career, Joana goes both ways in her every day life. She loves females and males.

"I like women, but I don't have a relationship with a woman right now. Sometimes I like women, but I prefer men. I like all of the sex positions, but maybe 69 is best. I enjoy oral sex. Sometimes I like sex to be soft, sometimes maybe with some more passion. It all depends on the situation and the mood. It depends on how I'm feeling. I'm not actually like this or like that. I'm changing all the time. Sometimes I am on top, sometimes he is on top. Sometimes I am in control, sometimes he is in control."

Joana recently introduced two friends to modeling, Amorina and Roxanne Diamond.

"I knew they would enjoy it and I am happy to guide them. I am happy to see that girls in my country want to pose. It is a good thing to do. The female body is beautiful and society should not treat it with fear and shame."


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BBW 27 Mar 2015

|Shyla's Not Shy About Her Big Tits||Shyla Shy is back again at SCORELAND, looking prettier than ever. The director of this video, "Shyla's Not Shy About Her Big Tits," can barely contain himself over having the Florida blonde in his viewfinder. He's a big-boob maven and wants to see those sweater-meat measured, creamed and played with. He brings in Carlos as stunt-hands for her hoohas and stunt-cock for her pussy. Shyla, a most pliable and compliant girl, is always ready to please men with her two most valuable assets and will do just about anything she's asked to do. It's all about the guy with her. That makes our director, and Carlos, happy men. Shyla's young, fresh, ripe and big-titted. Exactly what the boob-doctor ordered. All that breast-play has heated them up for the ever popular game of hide-the-salami. Shyla is guaranteed that a load of icing for her cupcakes is in her immediate future. And she's a girl who enjoys licking off that frosting. Running Time: 21:51


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BBW 27 Mar 2015

|Two English Girls||Hugely popular models in the early '00's, Laura Bailey and Susie Wilden only crisscrossed once in their relatively short photo-careers and that was by invitation.

At a TSG studio in London, Laura's reading SCORE magazine on a bed when Susie walks over with a copy of January 2001 Voluptuous that features a pictorial of Laura. They look at the layout. Susie is impressed. She reaches over and feels Laura's big boobs. Girls can do that, usually without formal permission.

It takes no time for the two English girls to pull their dress straps down and go topless so they can really explore the weight, size and feel of their supremely big boobs.

This leads to French kissing, mutual breast kissing and sucking, pussy-fingering and ass-play. Then the girls pull out the portable boyfriends, thick fuck-toys meant to give orgasmic ecstasy. They seem to instinctively know each others' bodies as well as they know their own even though they've never met until this moment.


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