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Fat Girls 03 Apr 2015

|Tits You Just Gotta See!||You've probably heard the term must-see TV before. Well, when it comes to scrumptious, busty Anna Beck, we like to say she's got a pair of must-see titties. We still couldn't be more thrilled to have this 38G Czech chick back with us after a four-year hiatus. And though it still takes getting accustomed to, we absolutely love her new look. Her hair, now jet black, perfectly complements her milky white skin. And, if you hadn't noticed, her boobs have gotten bigger, too. A 38G-cupper when we met her, Anna's boobs have now blossomed to fleshier, heavier M-cups.

When Anna debuted, modeling was simply a change of pace and a naughty new adventure. Now, she has fully cast her nets in XL's ever-flowing waters of lusty, busty big girls. She's even doing hardcore now. You'll have to wait a bit longer to see Anna finally pop her hardcore cherry, though. In the meantime, Anna is ready, willing and able to tease XL Men the world over with her cuddly curves, suckable boobs and tight, pink pussy.


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Fat Girls 03 Apr 2015

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|Some Good, Clean Fun!||It's time for some good, clean fun with Karina, who strips out of her bikini and steps into a luxurious bath tub. The sight of Karina's boobs hanging onto the ledge of the tub is one we'll never get tired of, and we love the way the bath water frames Karina's big, beautiful butt. She makes good use of that big, pink dildo, too, and if you haven't noticed, the girl likes 'em big. We asked Karina if she's a wild girl, and she said, "I guess some people might say I am, but I don't think so. I mean, I have always enjoyed sex since the first time I had it, and I think about it a lot, but I do not jump into bed with every man I see. I guess I am wild compared to many other girls because how many girls take off their clothes and masturbate in front of the camera?" Karina does, and we're grateful for that.


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|That Huge-Boobed Girl In The Hood||Kamille Amora doesn't have to say a word to be sexy. Her perfect I-cup boobs busting out of her pink bra as she smirks and giggles is enough to take our breath away and have the full-blooded attention of our one-eyed monsters.

"You want to see my titties?" Kamille finally says, cupping her boobs. "Look at how big they are."

Unsurprisingly, Kamille says she was always the bustiest girl in school growing up. Now 25, we're fairly certain she's the bustiest girl in almost any room she walks into.

"Do you like them?" Kamille asks before lifting her right boob up to her mouth and sucking on her nipple.

Kamille's licks and suckles are firm but gentle. She's into rough sex, but when it comes to the I-cup treasures on her chest, she wants you to be gentle.

"I know a lot of girls love it, but I'm not into guys biting my nipples and boobs," she said. "Be gentle to them and lick them softly. My nipples will get nice and stiff if you do that."

Point taken. Our cocks are certainly nice and stiff watching her play with herself. Especially when she bends over, giving us full view of her plump pussy and tight asshole. It's easy to imagine yourself sliding in and making yourself right at home in both of them.

She must be imagining the same because by the time Kamille pushes herself to her first orgasm, there are still nearly six minutes left in this scene.

"Oh, I just came so fucking hard," she says. "I want you to cum for me now. I want you to cum all over these big titties."

If XL Men worldwide haven't cum to your tits yet, they soon will, Kamille.


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|The Sex Sofa||SCORELAND newcomer Barbara Angel has seen a lot of sofas, divans, couches and chairs but she never saw anything like the "sex sofa" right there in front of her.

This super-high tech sex machine called the IBIS is made by in Vyskov, Czech Republic. It comes in different colors and there are two models with a third in development. The Eros is for two women. The sex sofa Barbara used is called the Ebos and designed for one girl.

Our photographer had asked her earlier if she wanted to do a shoot on it and she said yes. Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she examined this device out of Star Trek. She was very curious. Naturally, Barbara wanted to recline on it and get beamed-up. And that she did.

We asked Barbara what she thought of the experience.

SCORELAND: What did you think of the "sex sofa?"
Barbara: It was a very interesting and enjoyable experience. I would love to have a sex sofa at home!

SCORELAND: Had you ever used anything like it before?
Barbara: Not ever! It was my first time on such a machine.

SCORELAND: If you could get one for your apartment, would you do it?
Barbara: Definitely, yes! I really enjoyed it while shooting.

SCORELAND: Had you ever seen any videos of models using it?
Barbara: I saw a video only when I learned that I would shoot on the sex sofa.

SCORELAND: How would you describe the sensations of the sofa compared to your hand or a regular vibrator?
Barbara: The sofa is doing all the work so a woman can just enjoy it. Additionally, the fingers can be applied to the clitoris for more enjoyment. Holding a vibrator is different because I am doing the work of moving it in and out of my pussy!





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