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|Michelle And The Anal Meat Drill|http://www.scorevideos.com/modeldir/data/posting/27/228/posting_27228_x_xl.jpg|Any day is a good day to sink your throbbing meat drill into busty Michelle Honey's pink pussy and tight brown-eye. The reason there are so many lawn care guys in California and Florida is because horny women stay at home and watch these guys mow the lawn, then they go inside and wait for them to follow and fuck the wazoo out of them. In Michelle's case today, the lawn guy fucks her in the wazoo also. And she pays him. Yeah, this fucking guy gets paid to screw her asshole! He's screwing her husband too and the poor schnook doesn't even know it. What do you think suburban women do all day when their hardworking husbands are out paying the bills? Watching Oprah and Tyra Banks on TV? Michelle is a woman of few words except for "yeah" and a lot of moaning but she sure knows how to maintain a good lawn. She even jerks him off for good measure. This lawn guy's got to hand it to her.


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Fat Girls 06 Apr 2015

|Cum Inside Lisa Canon's Butthole|http://www.xlgirls.com/modeldir/data/posting/38/383/posting_38383_x_xl.jpg|Coming from behind, Sergio wraps his hands around Lisa Canon's amazingly huge boobs. Lisa has on a bustier that lifts them high. He palms and lifts them up himself. Later on, he mentions how heavy they are, maybe the heaviest he's lifted yet in his escapades at XLGirls.

He turns her around so he can feast on her nipples. They fall to the bed and Lisa covers his face with her breast flesh. Those are smotherin' tits so he'd better be careful. However, we do have emergency oxygen nearby just in case.

Lisa switches her attention from his face to his stiffie. She sucks it and jerks it, then she buries it between her boobs and tit-wanks him, to borrow a Brit phrase from Kerry Marie. That drives Sergio fucking crazy.

He stands up and Lisa kneels before him. It's cock sucking time and Lisa is quite skilled in this art. She has blow job lips and sucks him hands-free, her massive mams swinging as she does. This is indeed ecstasy. And it's only just the start.

Sergio is in no rush to fuck Lisa's pussy and ass. All in good time. And for a happy ending, Lisa will get a nice load of cum in her butthole that she'll squeeze out.

Lisa Canon: always a pleasure.


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|Living Room Dream|http://www.pornmegaload.com/modeldir/data/posting/43/866/posting_43866_x_xl.jpg|What is breast in life?

To be a member of XL Girls.

To enjoy all of the sexy babes who make it special.

To see Lavina Dream in all her glory wearing a tight sweater and tight pants walking down a flight of stairs.

To see Lavina take off those clothes while she speaks in her sexy Romanian accent.

Our camera takes the low ground and aims high as Lavina plays with her big beautiful tits, sucking her nipples and squeezing those gorgeous mounds of breast flesh. A sight that brings tears to an XL Man's eyes.

"Yes...they are free now," Lavina moans as she sinks her fingers into her soft tit meat and lolls her tongue at you. Her nipple-sucking and kissing make smooching sounds. No background music is needed to drown out those sounds and Lavina's heavy breathing.

Lavina shakes her knockers, swinging them like bell clappers, the camera still aimed at her from the bottom of the stairs. This view is awe-inspiring and the breast action is dynamic. Lavina braces herself by pressing against the wall and the handrail and builds up speed. Her tits swing in a circular pattern and bounce against each other when they complete their arc.

And then Lavina takes off her jeans...


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|The Hair Club For Men|http://www.pornmegaload.com/modeldir/data/posting/43/771/posting_43771_x_xl.jpg|Sitting at a bar, newcomer Mischel Lee lubes her big toy and fucks her furry pussy with it, making herself cum hard. Even though Mischel is a slim and stacked girl with a pretty face, that hair-covered pie is what worked up sixteen SCORELAND members to comment about this new addition to the model line-up.

"I am so glad to see a modern woman with a full bush. My eyes keep jumping from her face to her bush and back and forth. This set goes a long way toward convincing me that Eastern European women are the most beautiful."-Tom.

Mischel comes from a little town in the Czech Republic. She moved to Prague where she landed on the boob radar of one of our photographers. Mischel returns soon for her first XXX hardcore encounter with a pro-boner. Don't miss it.


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|Breast Wishes, Carrie Ashton|http://www.scoreland.com/modeldir/data/posting/29/828/posting_29828_x_xl.jpg|Carrie Ashton is a cuddly, tee-stretching new addition to the SCORELAND lineup and we're happy to showcase a second video of this sweet-faced Kansas bomber. Carrie may be inside but that doesn't mean it can't be a wet tee video 'cause all she needs is a bottle of water. After dousing her luscious, jiggling chest, she's ready for more fun 'n games. Carrie really takes to video and looks very much at home. We can thank a fellow boob man for telling Carrie all about us and steering her the right way. "An ex-boyfriend of mine buys a lot of your videos and at the end of one there was this commercial to be a SCORE model and he saw it and convinced me to come and model for you guys. I thought, hey, I can do that and here I am!" Way to go. Now that's a bro. Enjoy Carrie offering up her honey-sweet treats. She's true girlfriend material. Come back real soon, Carrie!


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|Dreamy Expressions|http://www.bustykerrymarie.com/modeldir/data/posting/27/647/posting_27647_x_xl.jpg|The porn actress showed me special little ways to use a toy so the guy can see what you've got there," said Kerry. Cassandra was her co-star in On Location Costa del Sol. "She showed me how to position it right, how to hold it right, the right poses." Kerry soon realized she enjoyed toying herself in videos. She also liked the idea of the cameraman going crazy and the guys at home losing their minds also.


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|Cum Fantasies|http://www.pornmegaload.com/modeldir/data/posting/45/078/posting_45078_x_xl.jpg|"What do I think about when I masturbate? Sometimes I think about past experiences or ones that I wish would happen. The best is when I have a crush on someone new and we haven't done anything yet. I like to rub my clit thinking about how hot it will be when we finally hook up. In this scene I was thinking about how I'm going to get fucked so hard on-camera by a guy with a big cock. If I was able to cum this good just from masturbating, I can't wait to see how hard I cum from the real thing."





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