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Fat Girls 08 Feb 2015

|Big Tit Skinny Dip: Toying With Valory & Lana ||One day, nations will get along as well as Romanian Lana Ivans and Ukrainian Valory Irene. Valory beckons Lana to get off the raft and come to her. Lana scoots off it, her balls-on-a-string toy still inside her pussy, and bobs over to Valory. The Big Tit Skinny Dip underwater camera is ready to capture their aquatic fling.

Valory slowly removes the toy and the two beauties begin grinding and rubbing their submerged bodies together. They gyrate their hips rhythmically, the camera just inches from their gorgeous slits and asses.

The girls end their aquatic dances and leave the pool. "I have a surprise for you," Lana says, and dips into her bag to reach for something. The surprise she has for Valory is a big, pink toy that rotates and has a mounted clit-stimulator.

Valory gets on a recliner, taking the toy and inserting it into her pussy. She turns it on and begins to slowly fuck herself. Lana looks on fascinated and turned-on as she rubs Valory's leg. Lana's face shows the erotic glee she's feeling as she watches Valory masturbate. Valory gets hotter and hotter, fucking herself faster and faster to an orgasmic blast-off.


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Fat Girls 07 Feb 2015

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Fat Girls 07 Feb 2015

|Elle's First XXX||Elle Flynn's first hardcore video starts off with a lot more than a big bang at SCORELAND. Wearing a tight blouse stretched over her natural 36DDD breasts, Elle's tied to a chair. Two guys flank her and take turns moving her panties to the side and finger-banging her coochie with fast strokes. One of them pours the contents of a water bottle all over Elle's sexy body while the other spanks the brunette's big boobs.

Elle's captors release her from the ropes. "Take me! Fuck me!" Elle cries as they help her up. They walk her over to a bed and one of them rips her shirt off her chest. He rips her bra clean off while his associate rips off Elle's panties. The two punishers bend Elle over the bed and pull off her mini-skirt.

Now completely naked, her curvy, Voluptuous body totally exposed, Elle stands up. "We've got something for you, baby," her captor says, holding up a blue cage dress, the kind you'd see a dancer wear. They dress her and force Elle to her knees.

Whipping out their hard dicks, they take turns feeding Elle. This newcomer's frantic and furious three-way fuck scene has only just begun in this erotically wild and extreme scene.


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Fat Girls 07 Feb 2015

|Shanna's Fuck Show||Shanna Ryan is a freak, and that's why we love her. She's always horny and ready to get down, no matter where she is.

"They say guys have two brains, but I do, too," Shanna says. "My pussy has a mind of its own. I've had sex in my ex-boyfriend's office a few times. His assistant almost caught us. I've also fucked in a friend's bedroom. We were in their closet, which had a body length mirror, so we got to watch ourselves fuck the whole time."

We don't have a full-body mirror, but we're pretty excited to watch Shanna fuck Enzo. Our boy doesn't waste any time getting the tiny, white shorts her phat ass is busting out of off her. It's time to go to work on that ass and pussy, and he's just the man for the job.

"I like to let my man take control of things," Shanna said. "I'm a freak for sure, but I want the guy to take control of me. Ravish me. Fuck my brains out and I will do anything you want."

Enzo does that and much more. He sticks his cock in her pussy doggy style as a warm up before stuffing his huge schlong into her tight asshole. After a few minutes of hard anal fucking, Shanna lets out a hot orgasm. Enzo pulls his cock out and drops a huge nut on her ass.


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Fat Girls 06 Feb 2015

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Fat Girls 04 Feb 2015

|K-JUGS: Samantha and Renee Threesome ||The daily grind ( as in bump and grind) has reached a boiling point at radio station K-JUGS. Station manager Bosworth is freaking out because top DJ Samantha 38G is stuck in heavy Miami traffic and is going to miss her airdate. She phones him.

Bailey puts Sam on speakerphone. Bos does not want to program a pre-recorded show again. That's when Renee Ross bounces to the occasion with an offer. She'll take the mike and broadcast live. All she wants is the chance. Bosworth agrees.

Samantha hears this and goes ballistic over Renee's strategic move. When she gets to the station, she lunges for Renee but is blocked by Bos. The altercation is heard live over the air. Bos doesn't know what to do when a caller suggests an answer. A fuck-off. The best fuck wins.

Bos likes that idea, staring at the giant tits of his two rival DJs. The girls agree and start ripping off Bos' pants, jumping his bone in a wild threeway humpathon. Which wildcat will win? Samantha or Renee? Find out in the tit-packed climax of K-JUGS! This is Renee's only three-way hardcore fuck, and it's with Samantha!


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Fat Girls 04 Feb 2015

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