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Fat Girls 26 Feb 2015

|Tits & Tugs||It happens every day. Beautiful girls with big boobs get locked out of their apartments. There's only one thing they can do. Knock on a neighbor's door, get themselves invited in, have a seat on his bed and then get comfy while she waits for her neighbor to come back with a drink. It must really be annoying to have to deal with this, especially when the girl is as beautiful and as busty as Janet Jade.

It's inconvenient enough when Janet flaunts her amazing chest in your face, sits on your bed in the middle of the afternoon and asks if you have a wife, a girlfriend or kids. But then she wants to play a game with you called Tits & Tugs and asks, 'What do you think about these?" while she unties her halter top and shows you a pair of award-winning hooters, the kind of 44-inch, 38-DDDs that make a grown man weep out of happiness.

You allow Janet to lustily milk your cock with her awesome breasts and soft palms just to move things along. The things you do for girls. They're so needy. Of course, now you have to let her use your bathroom to rinse the man-juice off her tits. Just grin and bear it. After all, Janet grinned and bared it for you.


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Fat Girls 25 Feb 2015

|"Love Your Pie"||Nikki Smith, happy homemaker? Busty little pie maker? Works for us.

This has been the dream of many since they first feasted their eyes on this tasty morsel of a girl: to have a stacked wife at home baking her heart out and providing nutritious food to keep up their strength for her in the sack. Nikki was all for this role-playing game. In fact, she's perfect for it!

Once Sergio and Nikki start getting it on, there's no feeding, food play or splodging as we've done in some scenes and in the Feed Her Fuck series. Well, maybe there's some food action when Nikki spurts some whipped cream on one lovely nipple and licks up all that goodness. But otherwise, it's all about red-blooded, righteously hot fucking and sucking. Sergio does not have pie on his mind. Not apple pie, anyway.

Nikki's hungry, too, but not for any of the lavish spread she's laid out on the dining room table. She's hungry for man-sausage, and she's going to get it good. Dinner can wait until they've burned off some energy!

Love your pie, Nikki Smith.


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Fat Girls 25 Feb 2015

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Fat Girls 22 Feb 2015

Sarah Rae


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Fat Girls 22 Feb 2015

Jes Craven


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Fat Girls 21 Feb 2015

|"Respect My Titties!" ||The ever-lovable Sarah Rae says she comes from a place called "Big Titty Island." We've never heard of this place, but with all due respect to Disney, we'd call it the Magic Kingdom and The Happiest Place on Earth. We'd nestle into a nice piece of supple titty real estate and never leave.

Sarah Rae has the type of tits we'd love to be nestled in between. Our scene opens with our cameraman standing above Sarah as she bounces her tits for the camera. With as much tit flesh as she's working with, she could cause a small twister with the gusts of wind she creates with each booby juggle. And we'd love nothing more than to be caught in its wake.

"Do you like how my big tits bounce?" She asks smiling brightly into the camera. "They're so big."

We could watch this all day, but the good thing about hanging out with Sarah is that she gets better, hotter and naughtier the more time you spend with her. She's already one of the greatest self-sucklers of all-time and she's near the top in dirty talking, too. After peeling her clothes off, fondling her tits and teasing her hard nips, Sarah begins stroking her pussy. It's dripping wet and she's begging for cock.

"I want your cock inside me. I want you to make me cum," Sarah says. "Make me cum all over your big cock."

Oh, how we wish we could, Sarah. But watching her get off right here is pretty damn hot, too. While stroking her clit and fingering her pussy, her tits are bouncing like there is a cock inside her. "Oh, that's so good," she says coming down from her climax.


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