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5 Facts You Should Know About Your Acne Treatment Products

Cleaning the skin should be done with warm water, a mild non-fragrant soap and a soft cloth. The warm water opens the pores. The non-fragrant soap will not irritate your skin. The fragrance is only added for smell and has no other positive value. The soft cloth will not damage or irritate your skin further. A hard or rough cloth can scrape the skin and cause rashes or even more acne to appear. The skin should be cleaned twice a day, once in the morning after sleeping and again at night before sleep. In between this, you should avoid touching your face as this can add dirt or grease from your hands to your face and block the skin pores.

This black and white head and heads as the future acne, if they remain anywhere on the skin and then suddenly breakout in pimples. If you are black-heads it is a proof that your skin is not healthy. MAX offers a clear skin Tea Tree Oil Cleansing and that makes this soft black-heads, so they are easily removed without pain or scarring.

This is one of the reasons whys topical treatments for acne do not prevent any future breakouts. It simply cannot treat the infections that are happening underneath the skin’s surface.

Another internal factor is disrupted hormonal balance. Testosterones stimulate the excessive production of facial oil and sooner or later, your pores get blocked and acne starts to form.

Popping pimples can result to ugly scars or skin infections. This is the main reason why it is not advisable to pop them. But if a pimple grows in an unpleasant area on your face and you really want to pop it to get rid of it, learn how to pop it the right way. Make sure that your hands are clean and that you do not expose the popped pimple to bacteria. You might want to rub the pimple for a minute or two with a cloth that has a bit of acne cream face. This will help remove dead skin cells that might cause skin irritation. Use an antiseptic to clean it afterwards to prevent infection.

The reason why most products and treatments fail is because acne is a very complex skin disorder. It is caused by many, many different factors. As a result, any standalone product is not effective for this reason.

Egg White – Crack some eggs and remove the yolks i.e. the yellow of the egg and leaving only the egg whites. Beat these egg whites for some time and apply this to your face or the affected part. Wait for about 15 minutes and wash off the area applied. The purpose of applying the egg whites is to eradicate the excess oil from the skin that promotes early healing of skin and acne.

Protect – protection comes from sunscreen, foundations, and some mineral powders. It is meant to lock in the moisture and keep the environmental contaminants out.