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|Arianna's Bridal Boob Bang ||It's said that a bride is at her most beautiful on her wedding day and honeymoon night and that is also true for Arianna on this special day. Looking like a goddess in her pure white corset and stockings, her immense naked boobs hanging free, her bridal veil still on her head, Arianna is radiant and ripe with raging hormones. She toasts her new husband in their bridal suite and he begins to feast on her lush hooters, savoring and sucking her pointy nipples, squeezing and rubbing the soft, velvety-smooth breastflesh. Arianna needs her honeymoon stiffie in her mouth. She opens his pants and out pops her wedding present, ready for Arianna's tongue. It's time to bob for the knob. The bride kneels before her groom, lips quivering and hungry for a taste. She begins to suck, squeezing her heavenly knockers as she places his fuck-stick between her trembling mounds. She is not a virgin, of course, but today she feels like one and wants the feeling of being deflowered by her ramrod groom. Don't miss a single moment of Arianna's honeymoon sexing. But don't worry, friends. This is only Arianna's bridal fantasy, her midnight wet dream. She's not ready to settle down with one man and get married! There's more wild oats for her to sow at, like rice tossed at a wedding!


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|Tantric Sex||This was the second and final XXX video that SCORE legend Chloe Vevrier made in 1999. Both were shot in London at SCORE's studio. By this time, Chloe had been modeling and Boob Cruising for six years. The first video featured Chloe and the very prolific "Russian" Kathy (where is she today?) and Kathy's then boyfriend Matt, an ordinary guy and not a pro porn stud.

For this second scene, Chloe shows Englishman Tony DeSergio what she likes in sex. These days Tony is still a regular at SCORE and banging lots of hot, busty chicks.

This scene mirrors Chloe's new age thinking and lifestyle habits. She's into yoga, meditation and a "new age" diet. That philosophy crossed over into her sex life.

Chloe explains what Tantric yoga (a form of sex yoga) is to Tony and she demonstrates what she means on his body. Then they fuck. So this is unlike 99% of bang 'em porn scenes shot over the past 30 years except for those hardcore sexual instruction videos. Originally, there was a longer explanation about what this kind of sex was all about.

Tantra or not, Chloe enjoyed Tony's thrusting cock and he enjoyed her bushy, cock-milking pussy and her world-famous big boobs.

Chloe still models to this day but has not touched a cock on-camera since this scene.


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|Ultimate Annie Swanson Part 1||Busty pixie Annie Swanson, a great V-Mag discovery, stars in her own hit DVD, Ultimate Annie Swanson. In the opener, Annie applies for a job at an adult company that needs phone sex operators and web cam girls to play with their huge tits and pink pussies while the customers at home spray their loads. Annie is perfect for this. "My kinda job!" cries Annie. She has all the right equipment, that's for sure, and she knows how to handle it. "Being with Voluptuous was pretty much, you know, my first experience," Annie said. "Before Voluptuous, I never played with toys." In her first shot at web cam toying action, Annie does a bang-up job. She really gives her boobs and pussy a compete going over with her rubber dick. Always satisfy the guys at home is Annie's motto. An employee to cherish!


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